Meditation & Music Kirtan

Why We Chant

It all started with a vibration. It is said in the Bible, "In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and the word was God and the word become manifest." (John 1.1-3). The Vedas also state that Brahman, the One Supreme consciousness, first manifested as vibration. This first manifestation of the Absolute is referred to as OM. It is the immutable essence underlying all creation, which is nothing but the effect of his primal vibration. 

Chanting is a big part of our spiritual practice. Music brings life to the soul and powerful mantra chants purify the mind and all the karmic bondage. Find out more about our LIVE kirtan sessions!

Kirtan Singing

Singing has a way of opening the flow of inner sentiment and energies from our heart and soul. Kirtan, devotional singing, awakens our heart and immerses it in uplifting devotional sentiment.  Through this practice, we connect with a higher purpose and sense of inner peace.

Kirtan engages all the senses and focuses them on the highest and most sublime subjects, lifting our spirit, elevating our mind in light and love.

As the sweet nectar and bliss flows from the bhajans, we can feel the flame of devotion kindling within the heart.  Kirtan nourishes the soul leaving you with an incomparable sense of inner contentment.

Kirtan can simply be chanting God’s names or the many poetic bhajans rich with loving sentiment, enchanting descriptions of the Lord and his divine pastimes which conjure up His image in our mind, ignite emotion within us, awaken our inner senses and invite us to become part of the divine scene.

In our modern day and time, the sages have said that kirtan is the easiest way to connect to the Lord, purify your heart, and transform yourself.

Try and explore practicing kirtan, and feel your mind, your heart softens and open up and soak in the love and divine energy.

Spiritual Discourse & Satsang

Spiritual Discourses

Check out our inspirational lecture series by our master Swami Mukundananda:

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Satsang is a Sanskrit term meaning "being in the company of the truth" or "right association", and refers to a group of like-minded people who engage in a spiritual dialogue. The root words, Sat and Sanga, mean "true" and "community", respectively; therefore, satsang may also be thought of as friendship or relationship with the truth itself. 

On an esoteric level, satsang is associated with the inner quality of sattva (goodness or purity), one of the three qualities of nature (prakriti). Sattva manifests as thoughtfulness, knowledge, peace, and contemplation. A sattvic person makes a natural satsangi, or "seeker of truth". 

Whenever something increases your experience of the Truth, it opens your heart and quiets your mind. Conversely, whenever something such as a thought, fear or judgment limits or narrows your experience of the Truth, the heart contracts and the mind gets busier. Bring your open heart to embrace your true nature as pure, loving space. 

Resources to Enrich the Mind