Yoga Classes

Beginner Yoga

Prem Yoga class is composed of a flow of asanas using the classical sequence of breathing, meditation, gentle warm-up, standing, seated, prone and supine asanas. A complete practice for mind, body and soul. Suitable for beginners of all levels. 

Yoga Level 2/3

Prem Yoga 2 (Remedy Flow) is a faster flow class with the same classical structure of prem yoga class for those who want to deepen the practice of many different yoga asanas systemically. It is ideal for those who like vinyasa class and want to get a good sweat and keep the body in an effortlessly balanced state throughout the day. This class is recommended for those who have some yoga practice or have practiced Prem yoga class 1, as it does include more advanced asanas. It is most beneficial for those of Kapha nature, as it stimulates the fire and air elements in the body. (Intermediate and advanced levels).


Pranayam has been derived from two words Pran and Ayam. It means, to expand the pranic energy of the body. Normally it is understood only as a respiration technique of inhaling and exhaling. It is true that the level of oxygen increases in the body throughpranayam, but the meaning is not limited to this.
“Pran” is a life-giving energy which is subtler than oxygen and is present everywhere. In Pranayam, special breathing techniques are used to assimilate that vital force from the atmosphere and enhance it in the body.
Our lifestyle deeply effects ourpranic force. Our actions, sleep, diet, thought, senses, etc all have an effect on our pranas. Irregularity and indiscrimination in our lifestyle depletes pranic energy and leads to pranic blockages. That is why people feel the loss of energy from time to time. The depletion of pranicenergy leads to ailments in organs and muscles. The various Pranayam practices help expand this energy and balance the five types of pranas in the body. Pranayam should be practiced after asans.


The mind is a subtle machine that constantly generates thoughts. These thoughts create our personality. You look at someone and say, “he seems to be a very angry person,” or “he appears to be a very simple and straightforward person” or “he seems to be very kind-hearted,” etc. The nature of thoughts that resides in the mind shapes a personality and to an extent physical appearance as well.

Chair/Office Yoga

Using a chair to support your weight in this class. It follows a similar sequence as the Prem Yoga class, however, using a chair allows you to go deeper into the pose by supporting the weight of the body removing some fear of injury. This class is not limited only to elderly. It is a well structure class for those who would like to have a rejuvenating effect for the body and mind. (Beginners to all levels).

Myofascial Roll

You may have experienced before a tender area in the body that feels like there is a Golf ball under the skin. These are knots/trigger points. These are a damaged or stressed muscle surely stuck in contraction, ultimately blocking its chance to operate fully which then exponentially dominos from there.
Simply in this class we target these areas and massage them out. Painful it may be at first but relief later indeed. By doing this we allow the starving muscle to again receive oxygen and nutrients, pass metabolic waste and toxins, thus relieving pain, tension and spasms. (Beginners to all levels).

Kids Yoga

We offer gentle yoga for children. 

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a gentle yoga class that goes through detail on each posture with a longer holding time and deep focus on the breath.  Slow-paced, this class focuses on classic postures and correct alignment in the body. The class is ideal not only for seniors to keep all the limbs gently activated but also for the athlete to restore the body's energy - ready for a new challenge. You will get a deep relaxation - necessary for today's hectic world.  It is most beneficial for those of pitta nature as it stimulates the earth and water elements in the body thus bringing in tranquility and clarity. (Beginners to all levels).

Senior Yoga

Our chair yoga and yin yoga are very suitable for senior citizens. Yin Yoga will include some postures done sitting on the floor or lying down. You may utilize props to modify.