Our Teachers


Devi grew up in Myanmar where she learnt the traditional values of wellbeing in a meditative society with a profound eastern culture. She has always been actively involved in fitness training, gymnastics, dance, and several athletic sports. In her early years, she was also involved in activities such as aerobics, Tai Chi and gymnastics. She started teaching Yoga in 2009.

Her studies carried over to India, where she acquired instruction under well-known gurus. She attained several disciplinary forms of meditation, classical yoga, and many divisions of health and fitness.

Her passion continued to stretch further to the west and she came to the United States to study public health. As she was pursuing to become a physical therapist, she was drawn into a holistic and alternative medicine approach and she decided to continue her education with Ayurveda instead. Her accomplished training includes contemporary health, personal training, kinesiology, nutrition, exercise therapy, silent courses, meditation training and many different lineages of yoga.

She is an experienced 200 RYT & 500 RYT in yoga and  meditation, certified as an Ayurvedic Medicine educator, Prem Yoga Teacher Trainer, currently the owner of Prem Yoga Studio (formerly Yoga Remedy’s Essential Wellness Center) in Harbor City, California. By understanding both eastern and western aspects of lifestyle, she embraces a compassionate approach to everyone’s needs. Her teaching is a very unique and effective way for people not only towards working out and circuit training for their health but also emphasizing on the individual’s lifestyle & spirituality with mind/body principles.

Her hands-on stretching and personal teaching sessions are highly recommended by her students for the ultimate experience in achieving flexibility and rehabbing injuries, which diminishes their limitations and takes them to their best potential.

Nick Shroff

Nick Shroff is a urologist, cancer surgeon, yoga-alliance teacher, and healthcare consultant. He practiced conventional Western/allopathic medicine for over 45 years while integrating traditional, modern therapy experiences and skills. His philosophy embraces a combination of yoga, mindful breathing, and holistic living to improve individuals’ health and well-being.

Over the past four decades, Dr. Shroff is blessed to have received guidance/training from several spiritual yoga masters, including Swami Mukundanand, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Baba Ramdev, Swami Jyotirmayananda (Yoga Research Foundation,  Miami, FL), Ashwinee Prajnaa. He is forever grateful for their guidance, grace, and divine love.  The knowledge he has received from his revered masters he practices into his everyday life, leading by example. Over the past two decades, he has voluntarily conducted numerous Pranayam and breathing/yoga classes for seniors and cancer patients. 

Dr. Shroff is privileged to share his understanding of the science behind breathing practices as an adjunct to conventional medicine. With unique perspectives and insights, he has discovered a purpose to share this knowledge and experience with others. He is guided by compassion, a broad vision, and technical skills. He has fortified this transformational journey, connecting with many like-minded peers.  He is fortunate to have been chosen for this path of service, preserving this vision to facilitate healing at a deeper level.

Dr. Shroff encourages Pranayam & various breathing techniques to his family, friends, neighbors, patients. He discusses their unique power to promote healing while discussing its validation to modern science-backed with research. He teaches efficient breathing, which are integral to yoga and meditation.

Maruti Ram Gudavalli

Maruti  Ram Gudavalli, PhD, Professor at Keiser University, West Palm Beach, Florida and he is also a certified yoga teacher. Dr. Gudavalli has been involved in teaching and research profession for more than 30 years.

He obtained his B.Sc. from Andhra University, engineering degrees from Madras Institute of Technology and Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. He obtained PhD degree from University of Cincinnati.  He has traveled throughout the world to present his research at bioengineering conferences related to spine, low back pain, and neck pain. He received several awards for his research on spinal biomechanics.

He has been teaching gentle integrated yoga based on sage Patanjali 8 limbs and incorporates gentle movements, pranayama, asanas, and meditation as well as relaxation. He has been teaching to the community for more than 10 years. Since COVID pandemic he has been teaching using zoom every day. People from all over USA and other countries joined his classes.


Ananda (Full name: Andrew Oliver) is a local from Redondo Beach. He found passion in surfing, sports and the arts. As he got older he stuck with music and woodworking. He picked up on Yoga around 2012 from his personal trainer at the time and became inspired by her to the point where in a few years they together opened their own center for wellbeing. He was more so on the business end but recently became certified as a 200 hr RYT yoga instructor and has been teaching since September of 2018. He has also completed 600 hours in first level Ayurveda as a certified educator in Ayurveda (eastern medicine). In September 2020, Ananda also completed the 200 YYT training as a Prem Yoga instructor.

His big endeavors are to travel to countries and regions deprived of access to knowledge of health, well-being, Ayurvedic healing, eco-farming, eco-construction, and so much more to help assist in educating and building schools, clinics, universities etc.