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"I think it’s nothing short of an inner transformation for me! These 40 days have been so inspiring and so educational. I have learnt so much!"
Prem Yoga Teacher Training - Student Testimonials

Testimonials Prem Yogis!

I am enjoying Ananda's class, Shiva Vinyasa, on Saturday and Sunday mornings at 8 a.m. via Zoom. Ananda describes the breathing techniques well, as we hold the various poses, such as the warrior pose and downward dog. As we progress in the class, we stretch and focus on the breath. The class is a wonderful way to start my day. I feel more energized after the class. I want to thank Ananda and Devi for making this class available.

Sylvia L.
The style of yoga taught here is authentic and retains the spiritual aspect that many studios have traded for fitness. That does not mean that the yoga is light and easy. I have been pushed harder and seen more progress in the year I have been here than I ever have.

Christi M.
I am more grateful than words can express for the opportunity to attend the Prem Yoga Teacher Training. These two weeks have been so restful and calming even though the content was power packed and we were often rushing from one class activity to the next. At the beginning I did not think I could accomplish much, but through this experience, I have learnt I can overcome many things and improve my personality - even at my age!

I feel like I'm just really super picky about where I practice yoga. I have a back injury that is chronic and I did not want to make it it worse. I attend the class taught by Devi. Devi is a dancer, so she understands movement. She was trained as a gymnast so she gives guidance in strength training properly. And as a bonus, she is also spiritual so she is kind and humble when giving instruction. She is a gem in this institution. I've developed mo...
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Janice P.